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Data Engineering Internships

We partner with tech and data companies to design, staff, and deliver data engineering internship projects.

Our unique program structure helps offload much of the company's management overhead, by having students work during class and with additional instructor support.

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Success Stories

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Data Engineering Project

Code for Boston logo

Code for Boston is a non-profit developing an analytics dashboard that tracks police complaints.  It pulled data from an initial dataset and wanted to expand its sources of data, and then deploy and automate the ETL process. 

Students used Python to pull and coerce data from various datasets, added tests to existing code, loaded data into an RDS database, and automated environmental setup using Docker.

Technologies used: Python, SQL, RDS, Docker, AWS

Analytics Engineering Project

Meltano company logo

Meltano is a data engineering startup that uses slack to provide customer support.  It wanted to analyze the requests from customers, and assess responses to customers.  

Students set up a data pipeline to collect data from Meltano’s slack channels, loaded data into Snowflake, and used DBT to categorize top customers questions, assess response times, and analyze resolution rates.  Students used Airflow to automate the collection and analysis, and Superset to present findings.  Students identified bugs in Singer Taps, and worked with the Meltano team to fix or work around them.

Technologies used: Python, SQL, Snowflake, DBT, Airflow, Superset

ML Pipeline Project

Bucephalus company logo

Bucephalus is a startup whose product performs predictive analytics for ecommerce merchants.  The company needed to develop a data pipeline to pull data from Shopify into its  machine learning model.

Students pulled shopify data into an Aurora database, and wrote analytics queries with SQLAlchemy.  They productionized a ML model that served predictions using FastAPI, deployed on EC2, and dockerized it.  They then stored predictions from the model in AWS S3.

Technologies used: Python, SQL, SQLAlchemy, Docker, AWS Aurora, EC2, S3, Meltano

Internship at a glance

Our program is designed to maximize value to both the host companies and students, without requiring the management overhead of typical college internships.

Jigsaw Labs provides support to interns in and outside of class to offload the coaching and oversight required, and to make sure students are productive and project goals are met.

2 interns per team

20 hours per week/team

3 months duration

Jigsaw Labs

Provides coaching, feedback, and project management support

Host Company

Provides project tasks, technical feedback, and professional standards


We have years of experience running internships, and have partnered with some of the top technologies companies in the data space.