A data engineering bootcamp that delivers.

Learn data engineering and backend engineering
in our live online course without quitting your job.

Then get a new job, guaranteed.

Learn backend engineering and data engineering
in our live online course without quitting your job.

Then get a new job, guaranteed.


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Job guaranteed


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We care about quality outcomes.

In June 2021, we graduated our first engineering cohort.

Within six months, all graduates received job offers with starting salaries at $100,000 or more .

We guarantee a job offer of $70,000 or more within nine months of graduating.

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For many bootcamps, the all in cost is tuition *plus* lost salary. But with our course, you don't need to quit your job.

We've found this makes the entire process less stressful, leading to a better learning experience and job search.


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Tuition until you're hired.

After you're hired, $833 over 15 monthly payments for a
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total tuition cost of $9500.

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Course Dates Schedule Location
Backend &
Data Engineering
June 15 - Dec. 1
(24 weeks)
Tues, Weds, Thurs
(6:30 - 9:30 pm)
(12:30 - 9:30 pm)
Online via zoom

Weeks 1 to 10

Data and Analytics Engineering

Python SQL Warehouses Pipelines
Functions, Testing & OOP Relational queries OLTP vs OLAP, and snowflake Fivetran, DBT, Looker

Companies use data to generate insights. And that requires building a proper data infrastructure.

We'll start by learning fundamentals like Python, SQL, and testing. Then we'll learn the tools and design patterns used by data engineers to move, organize and validate a company's data.

Weeks 11 to 20

Backend Development

Backend Cloud ETL Projects
Flask, MVC, Adapters Docker, AWS Scraping, Airflow, S3 Data Dashboards

In this module, you'll learn the components of a modern codebase backend, and cloud computing.

But really, you'll learn to think and write clearly with code. This means learning to break down problems, write clean functions, write tests, and use objects.

Weeks 21 to 24

Large Codebases

Professional developers navigate a codebase that consists of hundreds of files.

Fixing a bug, or adding a feature in a large codebase requires a proper workflow for reading and updating code.

Coding Workflows Project
Navigating a codebase.
Workflow for bugs & features.
Open Source

Ongoing (six months)

Post-Work/Career Services

Career Coaching Projects
Cultural & Tech Interview Prep Externships/Open Source

We'll meet twice weekly to both prepare for interviews, and continue to work on ongoing projects. Through externships and open source projects, students gain real world experience while pursuing interviews.

Students are sourced interviews and leads through career services.

"In my externship I worked with a former Amazon data scientist to help build an Ecommerce application that improves business operations for store owners."

Zack Royals

"I got my job offer though his career services, but you have to do your part in studying and preparing. He strategically vets hiring managers and recruiters your way."

Chris Santos

Course Instructor

Jeff Katz

Jeff has been teaching and writing curricula for software engineering and data science students since 2015. His students have gone on to work for companies like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Blackrock, Github, Reddit, and LinkedIn.

At Flatiron School, he was the lead instructor for the in-person web development course, then built and taught Flatiron School's first data science program.

He has also taught data science at the university level before founding Jigsaw Labs in 2019.


Yu Chen

Yu helped build products at Google that reached hundreds of millions of users, and worked with Google partners to launch those products across international markets.

She then led the academics product team at Flatiron School.

She's passionate about bridging the skills gap in the technology industry.

Possibility and passion in your new career.

Data Engineering (Job Guarantee)
Online Zoom Class (18 students)
  • Topics
    Python, SQL, Cloud Computing
    Data Pipelines, Large Codebases
  • Cost
  • Length
    24 Weeks (Oct 19 - April 3)
  • Days
    Tues, Weds, Thurs (6:30 - 9:30 pm)
    Sundays (12:30 pm - 9:30 pm)