Meet our alumni

Our alumni consist of accomplished professionals with careers in biology, engineering, analytics and finance, and lifelong students.

Our 2023 graduating class at a glance:

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50% of have a Master's Degrees or Phds.
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80% have a stem background (in engineering, bio or stats)
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47% previously a software engineer, data scientist or data analyst
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All are college graduates completing over 9 months of in class curriculum (500+ in class hours), and a 3 month internship

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2023 Data Engineering Graduates

Our data engineering graduates have completed  6 months of training in backend engineering (Python, SQL, Flask, OOP), could computing (AWS, Docker), and data pipelines (Airflow, Prefect, DBT, Lambda, Athena, ECR), and databases (Snowflake, Redshift, Spark). They have accomplished professional backgrounds, and previous data engineering internship experience.

Emily Ng

Sr. Data Analyst

Emily is a data analyst for Colorado's Department of Healthcare, where she monitored and advised healthcare providers on allocation of state funds.

In her internship, she developed and maintained a Prefect & DBT pipeline that matched Youtube advertisers to related channels for a marketing analytics firm.

Sonya Kasper

Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Sonya is a mechanical engineer, who wrote and debugged machine code and consulted and trained external clients.

For her internship, she worked with an internet service provider to build a pipeline that sourced and enriched business sales leads.   She used Boto to load S3 data to  Redshift. Then DBT and StreamLit.

Chuma Idigo

Software Eng. Data

Chuma implemented ML pipelines that diagnose covid cases and analyzed spinal injuries. Beyond implementation, he performed medical research to identify new features.

As an intern, he worked with NYC's school bus org. to model  bus timeliness, accounting for traffic and wait time.

William Weiler

Chemical Engineer

William  developed a successful crypto investment strategy, before working in business development for MariaDB.

As an intern, he worked for a startup providing credit ratings on crypto wallets. He researched, and added features to their ML model & deployed with FastAPI, Docker.

Zili Gao

Cancer Researcher, Phd

Zili's research focuses on how nutrition increases cancer risk. He has 40+ publications.

As an intern, he worked for a startup that scores news articles based on factualness. He evaluated their ML model on 30 million news articles, showing it predicted stock prices 10x more than the baseline.

Michael Cornew

Non-profit Admin, Head Coach

Michael headed a $3M program to increase diversity in sailing. He grew the program from 50 to 450 participants in 2 years. He previously was Northwestern's head coach.

In his internship, he worked for a healthcare company to integrate streaming Kafka data to the DBT pipeline. He validated and cleaned insurance claims.

Ken D'Amico

Technical Support Eng.

Ken worked for a social media analytics co. that tracks & analyzes engagement. He implemented tests with Selenium & CucumberJs.

For his internship, he made government contracts searchable by using Hugging Face to embed documents, and load into a vector database.

Lei Zhou

Healthcare Researcher (Phd coursework)

Lei has grad degrees in medicine, stats, and healthcare. His research focuses on finding differences in medical facilities, analyzing millions claims data to do to.

As an intern, he worked for a startup providing credit ratings on crypto wallets. He built a Django dashboard that show risk of default, integrating with his ML pipeline.

Gurvinder Kumar

Data Analyst

Gurvinder was a data analyst for a satellite communications company, analyzing customer experience data using both SQL and Looker.

In his internship with a wealth management company, he implemented DBT pipelines to analyze their end to end customer journey. This included work to improve efficiency, and accuracy of pipelines.

Christina Dinh

Neurological Physical Therapist

Christina was a neurological physical therapist where she investigated and diagnosed potential neurological issues.

In his internship, she developed a Prefect and DBT pipeline pulling Youtube data, writing code to prioritize which of 30k Youtube channels to pull from. She is now a clinical data engineer for Atropos.

Eric Yang

Data Scientist

With a background in environmental health, Eric published research with the CDC, before becoming a data scientist for a medical provider. He developed models for revenue prediction, and patient attrition.

In his internship, he worked with NYC's school bus org. to scrape fuel use data, and track use of fuel cards by drivers.

Noah Kusaba

Software Engineer

Noah developed ELT pipelines for inventory management of a coffee supply company, as well as performed web development.

In his internship, he developed a data pipeline to pull and translate audio data and feed into an ML pipeline. He built dashboards to show his analysis.